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    DBV is the right direct valves manufacturer. As one of the biggest valve factory in china, we make ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves.

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DBV valve founded in 2001, with the developing of our good quality and competitive price,DBV now owns workshops both in Shanghai and Wenzhou,including butterfly valves workshop,ball valves workshop,gate & globe & check valves workshop.DBV valve is a modern enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, sales and service of various intelligently industrial valves.
The company seizes every advantage of area and industry, introduces international advanced management and technology, improves actively the enterprise comprehensive strength, expands the market shares, forming the pattern of thousands of products of more than 60 series of ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves.




  • 2020.10.21
    Triple exentric valve DN200 bare shaft ATEX version Body:CF8M Disc:CF8M seat:lamellar SS 1.4401+graphite Shaft:Duplex steel 1.4462 PS.16bar Testpropertie: test Shell 2,4 Mpa test Seat seal 1,76 Mpa fugitive emission packing 1 3-E valve DN200,ATEX...
  • 2020.10.13
    Ball valve Trunnion type DBB, Bolted body,Full pass, bidirectional Body-A182 F5 Ball-A182 F5+STL12 Seat-A182 F5+STL+6 Stem-F6A Without leakage Operation-lever Connection to pipeline-flanged type E per to GOST 33259-2015 Gas, T work=+400C ...
  • 2020.10.05
    Floating ball valve ,RB, END RF,Body ASTM A182 F904L,Ball UNS N08904 Seat ring RPTFE, Stem UNS N08904 Open:Handwheel Size 2"*1-1/2" Class 150# 11pcs Size 4"*3" Class 150# 30pcs Size 8"*6" Class 150# 5llpcs
  • 2020.09.23
    Slab gate valve RF ends Requirements:Plugs of stem has to be Chevron V ring Drain and venting ball valve NPT, Automatic thermal relief system-pipes 1/2",2*NPT,KK 1/2", material SS,1*relief valve1/2"NPT material SS-pressure max 1.3*PN Medium:G...
  • 2020.09.16
    Plug valve ,Body mat:WCB,Conn Type:RTJ,Operator:Gear,Class 2500#,Size 3" 23pcs Plug valve ,Body mat:WCB ,Conn Type:RF ,Operator:H...
  • 2020.09.07
    Slab gate valve 8",class 600 RF ends Requirements:Plugs of stem has to be Chevron V ring Drain and venting ball valve NPT, Automatic thermal relief system-pipes 1/2",2*NPT,KK 1/2", material SS,1*relief valve1/2"NPT material SS-pressure max 1.3*PN...
  • 2020.08.27
    Butterfly valve (Body:C95800 Disc:C95800 Seat :Buna-N Connection Type :FLANGE Operation: Pneumatic actuator) 36"-150# 16pcs 48"-150# 3pcs
  • 2020.08.21
    Ball valve geardbox operated DN100 PN16 ,underground installation,body LF2,ball LF2+50ENP, seat LF2+50ENP, seat sealing therban/viton,stem AISI 4140+50ENP, type fully welded, ends BW(3.6mm),stem ext 1m,manual operator gearbox mounted on the side of...
  • 2020.08.14
    Certificate 3.1 According to: Quotation 071520 Tripple eccentric batterfly valve bare shaft Body:Double flange WCB A216 Disc:CF8M Connection:PN16 Working medium Air,+350°C,7bar Working pressure :5 bar Body seat:STL 6 Shaft material:Stainless Steel ...
  • 2020.08.10
    2"-150# Full Bore Floating Type Ball Valve Body:F316 Ball:F316 Seat:RPTFE Connection Type:One side flange*One side NPT Operation:Lever With Counter flange,Gasket,Bolt and Nut,Washer SCH:40 77pcs
  • 2020.08.10
    Butterfly valve 18", class 600 VZ3EC-A-F-450-S5-310S-19-310S-S6-U-GB Flanged 18” class 600 with gearbox,Body material:310S Disc:310S,Seat:316+Graphite Stem:XM-19 10pcs Butterfly valve 18", class 600 Butterfly valve VZ3EC-A-F-450-S5-CF...
  • 2020.07.28
    Plug valve 6" Class 600 API 6D design,RF ends, turbine, flanged Body / Bonnet material: A216 WCB Disc material:ss410 Stem material: A182 F6a Gasket: PTFE Bolting B7/2H 30pcs
  • 2020.07.21
    Butterfly valve 6" , Body:5A Seat F53+ PTFE wafer type +Gear 13pcs Butterfly valve 6" , Body:5A Seat F53+ PTFE wafer type bare shaft, to meet Sunyeh electric actuator OM-11 dimensions 8pcs
  • 2020.07.14
    Type:One Piece Body Floating Ball Valve Size:2”*1/2” Pressure:150# Body:C95800 Ball:C95800 Seat:PTFE Connection Type:RF Operator:Lever 66pcs
  • 2020.06.19
    Gate valve ,diam,10",class 300#, Full Bore, Body:Alloy steel ASTM A217 GR C5,Trim/stem/solid obturator/removable seat:13Cr, Flanged RF ,DRW., dimensions and details acc. BS-1414,with gearbox. 11pcs
  • 2020.06.13
    Pneumatic for Butterfly valve VZ3EC-A-F-500-S8PN16-CF8-17-CF8-SG-U-BS Torque without safety factor:3285 N.m Top mounting:F25 Actuator model: BC28SR-400-SD Single action type pressure supply 3.5Bar with handwheel Normally close 3pcs Pne...
  • 2020.06.04
    Triple eccentric butterfly valve Double Flange type Flange drilling connection as per PN16 (or PN10 as an option) API 609 CAT.B Short Pattern Flanged RF ends Body: Super duplex Disc: Super Duplex Shaft: Super duplex Seat: Super duplex + Graphite With...
  • 2020.05.28
    Butterfly valve VZ3EC-A-F-600-S8PN16-316Ti-19-316Ti-F51-B-BS Torque without safety factor:6000 N.m Top mounting:F25 ,Flange type E 9pcs Butterfly valve VZ3EC-A-F-1200-S8PN16-316Ti-19-316Ti-F51-U-BS Torque without safety factor:...
  • 2020.05.25
    3 way ball valve with counter flange Type:Three way ball valve Size:3” Pressure:150# 27pcs Size:1-1/2” Pressure:150# 66pcs Body:CF8 Ball:F304 Seat:PTFE Connection Type:RF Operator:Pneumatic actuator
  • 2020.05.16
    Trunnion mounted Double block and Bleed Valve(two balls)Type Ball Valve End :RF Body :ASTM A105 Ball:ASTM A105+ENP Seat Ring :Devlon Stem: ASTM A182 F6a Gear Operated 6" class 900 19pcs
  • 2020.05.09
    Butterfly Valve (Body:C95800 Disc:C95800 Seat:Buna-N Connection Type:LUG Operation:Lever) 4"-150# 13pcs 6"-300# 8pcs 8"-150# 11pcs
  • 2020.04.30
    Ball Valve 6" 2500 CLASS (Full Bore Turnnion Mounted Type Body:LF2 Ball:SS316+Ni60 Seat:SS316+Ni55 Connection Type:RTJ Operation:Worm Gea 42pcs
  • 2020.04.27
    Type:Jacket Type Ball Valve Size:5”*3” Pressure:150# Body:CF3 Ball:F304L Seat:RPTFE Connection type:RF Operator:Lever 56pcs
  • 2020.04.13
    Certificate 3.1 Triple offset butterfly valve DN400 According to :Qaotation:2020-02-20 suitable for installation between flanges accordin to ASME Class 300 Design acc to EN 593 Face to face dimensions according to ISO 5752-13 (short pattern) Tightness accordin...
  • 2020.04.11
    Three Way Stainless Ball Valve Body/Ball:1.4408 Seat:PTFE Connection type:RF Size:DN65 Pressure:PN16 13pcs Size:DN80 Pressure:PN16 21pcs Size:DN150 Pressure:PN16 9pcs Size:DN100 ...
  • 2020.04.10
    Slab gate valve DBB API6D design Class150 6" Body material:A216 WCC Disc A515 GR70+ENP Seat A105+ENP+RPTFE Stem A182 F6a -Chevron Vring bushing Face to face 267mm Flanged , RF acc. ASME B16.5 Gearbox Bolting B7M/2HM Drain ...
  • 2020.04.03
    Butterfly valve with triple eccentricity,Type of valve Control, end Flange RTJ & RF Flow direction Unidirectional ,High cycling actuator Scotch Yoke Type only , The Body CF8M Disc CF8M, Seat 316, Seal ring on disc 316+graphite Stem 17-4PH Pack...
  • 2020.01.09
    Ball Valve 20" Class 600 (Full Bore Turnnion Mounted Type Body:LF3 Ball:SS316+Ni60 Seat:SS316+Ni55 Connection Type:RF Operation:Worm Gea 11pcs
  • 2019.12.18
    Specification for DN 350 Class 600 ………. 19pcs - Slab gate valve - Connection - welded ends … 355,6 x 8,0 for pipe mat. L 415 - Medium - diesel, gasoline ( explosion group IIA ( EN-60079-0 ), class temp. T3 = -29° to +60°C - Design pressure: PS...
  • 2019.12.13
    Valve Type:Trunnion mounted ball valves and floating type ball valves Size:1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” Pressure:150LB, 300LB, 600LB Body:WCB, CF3M, A105 Ball:F316L Seat:STL, RPTFE, PEEK Stem:F316L Operation:Pneumatic actuato...
  • 2019.12.04
    Butterfly valve with triple eccentricity, End:Flanged Flow direction flow to close (Unidirectional),Actuator(Spring-return),Fail safe position Closed,Working tempr +120℃,Shut-off dp 0.98MPa,The body WCB disc WC seat STL seat ring 304+Graphite packing...
  • 2019.11.29
    Dual Plate Check valve,API598 36"-Class150 Ends:RF Material:A216 WCB Disc:CE3MN Seat:Buna-N Spring :Inconel 625 5pcs Wafer Pattern Dual Plate Check Valve. 6"-Class300 Ends:RF Body :CF8M Disc:CF8M, Seat:metal to metal 13pcs
  • 2019.11.21
  • 2019.11.18
    Butterfly valve VZ3EC-A-F-400-S8-PN16-WCB-17-CF8-SG-U-G8 Flanged butterfly valve Dn 400 Pn 16, WCB housing, CF8 disc,Seat: SS304+Graphite with gearbox.
  • 2019.11.07
    3-WAY BALL VALVE DN65 120° PN16.ends:Flanged.FB. Body:1.4408 Ball :1.4408 Seat:PTFE. 15pcs
  • 2019.10.29
    Gate valve ,diam 1/2",class150#,ends:female NPT threaded according to asme B1.20.1 ,full bore, body /trim /stem /solid wedge /integral seats:bronze astm B62 ,drawing ,dimensions and details according to BS-5154 77pcs Gate valve ,diam 2",class150#,ends:female ...
  • 2019.10.19
    Gate valve,diam. 10" class 300# .full bore, body : Alloy steel ASTM A217 GR C5, trim / stem /solid obturator /removable seat : 13Cr, flanged RF, DRW., dimensions and edtails ACC . BS1414, with gearbox 47pcs
  • 2019.10.12
    1)Ball valve 2" class 600 RTJ - A105 - 50pcs 2)Gate valve 6" class 600 RTJ - WCB - 52pcs 3)Gate valve 6" class 600 RTJ - WCB - 53pcs 4)API 6D check valve 8" class 600 RTJ - WCB - 52pcs 5)Ball valve 4" class 600 RTJ - A105 - 10pcs 6)Ball valve 8" ...
  • 2019.10.02
    Ball valves K83 6" Class 600lb -RTJ flanges, -Body material : A105, -Ball ASTMA A182 F316 -Seats : ASTM A182 F316 -NACE MR 0175 -Gearbox operated 51pcs Ball valve K83 10" Class 600lb -Bolted design -Body material : A105, -Ball ASTMA A...
  • 2019.09.25
    Ball Valve API 6D Trunnion Body LF2 Ball LF2+ENP Seat DEVLON Stem AISI4140+ENP DN100 PN100 BW ends ,with lever 16pcs DN100 PN50 BW endds ,with lever 21pcs DN100 PN50 RF ends ,with lever 23pcs Ball Valve API 6D Floating B...
  • 2019.09.20
    Butterfly Valve FOR CRYO SERVICE DN200 PN63 Design:Above ground,BW,fire safe design BW END connection-219x11 Face to Face:230mm Tightness:Class A,no leakage Work.Temperature:-80℃ to -45℃ Working pressure 49 bar Material Body:A351 CF...
  • 2019.09.09
    Gate valve CLASS600 10" -BW ends, SCH80 -A217 WC1 TRIM5 -Bolting A193-B16/A194-4 Gearbox Testing: acc. API 598 UT and MT BW ands. Original casting and bars 3.1 certificates for RAW materials required. -23 pcs
  • 2019.08.27
    Butterfly Valve DN400 PN10 Design:Above ground,flange,fire safe design Ends:RF acc EN 1092-1 Construction lenght:216mm Tightness:Class A GOSTR 54808-2011,no leakage Medium:KCI-12%, NaCI-20%, H2O-67.5% Abrassive - from - 0.58(vacuum) up...
  • 2019.08.13
    GATE VALVE A105 TRIM 8 - API 602 SW ENDS AS PER SPECS 51A1 & 59B9 3/4" 800# 291pcs 2" 800# 133pcs 1" 800# 97pcs CHECK VALVE ASTM A105 TRIM 5 HORIZ. INSTAL - API 602 SW ENDS PISTON TYPE AS PE...
  • 2019.08.06
    Metal to metal seated butterfly valves total 88 pcs Overlay: STL(Stellite)Pressure:150# Size: 4” & 6” Body material:5A Disc:F53 Seat:Metal Seat(F53+STL) Connection Type:Lug Operation:Worm Gear 57pcs
  • 2019.07.31
    Three eccentric(Triple offset)Butterfly valve Forged body material F55 6" Class 300,Lug type tapping Hole 3/4"-10 UNS,Flange STD ANSI B16.5, Body:ASTM A182 F55 Gland 316 Gasket:Inconel+Graphite Seat: metal seated Manufacturer Std.: API 609 ...
  • 2019.07.19
    Ball valves, Floating ball Bolted body Flanged RF acc ASME B16.5 Body -LCB A352 Ball A182 F51 Seat RPTFE Stem A182 F51 Bolting A320 L7/ A1947 Bare shaft,with ISO TOP Flange Testing acc API598 4"-Class300 33pcs 1"-Class300 109p...
  • 2019.07.10
    API6D slab gate valves Body A216 WCB (internal area overlaid by duplex A182 F51 3mm)Trim F51 12" class 1500RTJ with gearbox - - - 9pcs 6" class 1500RTJ with gearbox - - - 15pcs API6D slab gate valves Body A216 WCB (internal area coated PTFE 3m...
  • 2019.07.02
    Gate valve acc API 600,PED CLASS 300 20" 18pcs 24" 9pcs 18" 17pcs 12" 6pcs 10" 11pcs Ends:RF acc .ANSI B16.5 Material: WCB, trim 8 Bolts : B7M/2HM galvanized Control: gearbox Medium: Geothermal water, steam ,pentane Construction...
  • 2019.06.26
    Butterfly valve VZ3EC-A-F-700-S8PN16-LCB-17-CF8-SG-U-BS flange type DN700-PN16 body material LCB Disc material CF8 Seat material SS304+Graphite Bare shaft , ISO connection-F30 Torque without safety factor 5800 N.M Flange Type F (rec...
  • 2019.06.25
    Ball valve-floating, reduced bore acc API 608 Body: A105N Ball:A182 F316L Stem: A182 F316L Seat:RPTFE Bolts,nuts:A193 B7M/A194 2HM+Zn Control:Lever+Locking device Working Temperature:+20 to +45℃ 1"*3/4" Class 150 325pcs 2"*1-1/2" Class 150 ...
  • 2019.06.25
    Butterfly valves,DN600 PN16 7pcs DN800 PN16 5pcs DN450 PN16 11pcs DN500 PN16 9pcs Flanged 3offset butterfly valve Design: Above ground ,flanged , fire safe desing Tightness: class A acc. GOST R 9544-2015, no leakage Metal to metal, without grafi...
  • 2019.06.06
    Trunnion mounted ball valve double block and bleed with one ball, full bore, 12" Class 600,flanged RF, Body; ASTM A216 WCB, Seat; PTFE, Ball MAT.: SS ASTM 351 CF8M , 133pcs
  • 2019.05.29
    Butterfly valve flange type DN250-PN16 body material LCB Disc material CF8 Seat material SS304+Graphite Bare shaft, ISO connection-F12 Torque without safety factor 956 N.M Type B (recess) acc. DIN 1092 73pcs
  • 2019.05.17
    3 eccentricbutterfly valve Flanged FF Class 150 4" ,Body material:ASME B148 C95800, Ball:material:Aluminium bronze Seat ring:Aluminium bronze Seat NBR ,Bolts:A193 B8M,A194 8M Stem material MONEL K-500 29pcs
  • 2019.05.10
    Gate valve API600,Class300 10" 10pcs Class150 24" 13pcs Class600 6" 21pcs Class300 6" 30pcs -Ends:RF acc. ANSI B16.5 Material:A216WCB, trim 8 with flexble wedge Bolts,A 193B7 ,194 2H Galvanized
  • 2019.04.29
    6"-900# Ball Valve (Body:A105 Ball:SS304 Seat:Nylon Connection Type:RF Operation:Gear box Trunnion mounted type , Reduce Bore 235pcs
  • 2019.04.23
    Swing Check Valve, Full bore acc. API 6D CLASS600 NPS 18“ End connection: ASME 16.5 End to End dimension: ASME 16.10 Material: A216 WCB/WCC, Trim 8 Body: A216 WCB Cover: A216 WCB Disc: A216 WCB + 316SS + 13Cr v tl-3mm Se...
  • 2019.04.22
    Triple offset 3xeccentric butterfly valve flanged EN1092-1 DN1800 PN16 valves for air,ambient temperature -46℃-+40℃ Body and disc material LCB Stem material 17-4PH bare shaft 3 pcs
  • 2019.04.20
    Trunnion mounted ball valve Class 150 Reduce bore 6*4" ,Body material:ASME B148 C95800, Ball:material:Aluminium bronze Seat ring:Aluminium bronze Seat material PTFE ,Bolts:A193 B8M,A194 8M Stem material stainless steel ASME A182 F31...
  • 2019.04.09
    3 eccentricbutterfly valve Flanged EN1092-1(type 2) body material CF8M Disc material CF8M Seat: SS304+Graphite Bare shaft DN700 PN16 20PCS ,DN800 PN10 10PCS, DN500 PN10 15PCS ,DN300 PN10 18PCS ,DN100 PN10 20PCS,DN250 PN...
  • 2019.03.25
    Globe valve,Body WCB,Trim & Spindle SS304,OS&Y Rising stem, c/w ISO5210 flange for eletric actuator ANSI300#,250 50pcs .ANSI150#,350 30pcs
  • 2019.03.21
    3/4"-600# Ball Valve (Body:LF3 Ball:SS316 Seat:Nylon Connection Type:RF *Thread Operation:Lever Floating type, Reduce Bore 180pcs 20"-900# SHUTDOWN Valve (Body:A105 Ball:LF3+ENP Seat:Devlon Connection Type:RTJ Operation:Pneumatic...
  • 2019.03.13
    BUTTERFLY VALVE 10" PN10 Body:DI Disc:C95800 Seat:EPDM Stem:SS316 Connection Type:Lug type Bare shaft 280pcs
  • 2019.03.13
    VALVE GATE, 12" 150 # , LB, RF, BB, SP, B16.5, B16.10, MR0175, API 600, A216 WCB, FW, G01A02, A01E2B, PVGC2S15RF8EZDD Part number : PVGC2S15RF8EZDD
  • 2019.03.13
    GATE VALVE,DIAM,10".Class 300#,full bore, Body:alloy steel ASTM A217 CR C5,trim/stem/solid obturator / removable Seat: 13Cr flanged RF,drw., dimensions and details ACC. BS-1414,with gearbox. 20pcs GATE VALVE,DIAM,1".Class 8...
  • 2019.03.12
    CHECK VALVE NON SLAM PLATE TYPE : Material: ASTM A351 CF8M, Ends: Butt Weld with pup piece, Medium: Liquified Natural Gas, Design temperature: -196℃ 。(Class 150# 3" 20pcs Class 150# 16" 8pcs Class 150# 8" 15pcs Class 15...
  • 2019.03.07
    Gate Valve CLASS600 6" Design: bolted Ends:RTJ Material: ASTM A216 WCB Trim: 16 NACE: MR0175 Control: hand wheel Bolts/ nuts : ASTM A193 GR.B7M /ASTM A194 GR.2HM CTD 80pcs
  • 2019.02.21
    Ball Valve (Body:WCB Ball:SS316 Seat:PTFE Stem:SS316 Connection Type:RF Operation:Electric) Produced according to drawing (10"-150# 12pcs 12"-150# 6pcs 16"-150# 4pcs 18"-150# 8pcs)
  • 2019.01.23
    Slab Gate valve DBB,RF ends,Body material A216 WCC Seat A105+RPTFE+ENP Stem A182F6a packing by CHevron V Ring.Medium:Crude oil,gasoil kerosene,gasoline,diesel,Design Temperature:0℃ to 60 ℃ Class150 12" 8pcs 14" 1pcs 16" 3pcs 20" 1pcs ,Cl...
  • 2019.01.17
  • 2019.01.10
    Trunnion mounted 3 pieces type forged ball valve with Duplex Stainless Steel F51 Total 47 PCS
  • 2019.01.10
    3-eccentric Butterfly valve Fully metal to metal seat Body material 904L Class 600# Lug type Size 8" &24" Disc material 904L Gear operated Total 16 pcs
  • 2018.05.23
    Bellow globe valve with flange RF and BW ends.
  • 2018.05.23
  • 2017.06.24
    Butterfly valve with reduction drive,Gate valve with flywheel and reducer,Check valves
  • 2017.06.24
  • 2017.06.24
    Flanged ball valves: DN65 100PCS DN80 10PCS DN100 50PCS
  • 2017.04.21
    2pc ball valve, 3pc ball valve, flange ball valve
  • 2017.04.20
    butterfly valve,ball valve,floating ball valve,triple offset butterfly valve
  • 2017.04.20
    ball valve ,floating ball valve,flange ball valve
  • 2017.03.20
    Butterfly valve 3-eccentric any flow direction GOST 9544 LC1 Hand-operated (Handwheel) and mounting bracket ISO 5211 for mounting for electric actuator should be interchangeable
  • 2017.03.17
    Globe Valve WCB Trim & Stem:Stainless Steel304, OS&Y Rising stem,c/w ISO5210 flange for electric actuator,double flange tripple eccentric butterfly valve WCB


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The 12th CTEF will be held at the 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center
The 12th CTEF will be held at the 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center

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